Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Passing the Hogbutcher Edge

Poem-Passing the Hogbutcher Edge

empty empty empty

brick foundries, metal shops
and drear depots on the rail out of chicago
adjustable clamp co. -  architectural steel
chicago mailing tubes  - mountains of tires and
empty empty emptiness

the secret health plan's no secret anymore
we are adjusting to the mean and making america great again
the prime minister of india is visiting and he's going to help
might send one of the man hole cover factories back to neenah
Make grates in America again

lights on dusty sandlot ballfield
empty empty empty now
the first ball ever is in a wobbly orbit
and  mr trump is alone on his podium
                                                                       - Jack Vaughan

1 comment:

Jack Vaughan said...

Nothing done. Much undone.

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