Sunday, March 05, 2017

Again from the Vaults with Feeling: Dreamland Sea Poem

By T.W. Zickcrewe
When I first got to town I went to demarks swing club
They had them shimmy dancers – and them Shakespeare plays

When I got to that town
I found me a home
Glad but I found
the twilight zone

In a halfway house
Stuck halfway
The sun in the morning
was a big red flame


The tie-dyed streets
All looked inviting
I wore some shades
To adjust the lighting

Wandered like a sailor
with a self-distain
so I left that town
for the golden plain.


The heater I had
would freeze and die
the girls down that way
walked streets on the side

Chased a shimmy dancer
In a Shakespeare play
I left that town
For Fortuna way


the moon was a sliver
the stars were a wonder
half-sleeping in a dream
I heard Freddy Fender

the caffeine and nicotine
like rich vicuna
they’d fall off their stools
and I’d split Fortuna.


lumber trucks rolled
to the seaside nightly
all in my sleep
I was stumbling and groaning

I left that town
Id pack and go
Tracing my tracks
Too droll sleepy hollow

I met sallie moss beach
And to No surprise – she broke my heart
But was easy on the eyes

Clipped art from my sorrow
Caught glimpses of my woe.
Winding down the road
With somewhere to go


I liked it in the zone
Moved on nonetheless
But I left those towns
On a peter pan bus

I heard a blues
& Found a physics text
I got god smacked
And I got god blessed


Oh Fortuna don’t you lie to me
Don’t say Thomas Pynchon was just baking beans

I headed out for the dreamland sea………
I left that town
Cause it bothered me.

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