Sunday, February 12, 2017

Missing Jeff Hull

Jeff Hull was always tremendously creative. I am missing him now* – this week after he passed away. When you went to his studio (really, if you just ran into him in the street, too) he was always full of doing something new. I am remembering he did a series of what I took to be kinetic black ink drawings – The black ink drawings, to me they seemed to move. They hung across his loft ceiling rafters, a loft full of color and work. So, a few moons ago, inspired, Jacob and I took pictures, put them into a video editor, and added some music by John Cale and Terry Reilly. My brother Mike helped me retrieve this video from the blogspot object heap. Now it is on Youtube. Jeff always was about ‘make it new’ – something of him I would like to carry forward in my heart. -J.V.

As the bible says:

Sing to the lord a new song.

For this and a compilation of Jeff Hull material on Moon Traveller, click here.

*Missing: The Giant Squid event, Titanic Transmissions, the Atlantic Monthly Gallery show, Suffolk Downs, Group potlucks. The music: Preacher Jack, Abudulah Ibrahim, Jr Brown, Jerry Lee Lewis, Al Vega, Matthew Hull at Walleys....

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