Sunday, December 04, 2016

Random notes - Crony Culture, More

Crony culture is a former sarah palin plank

in they day candidate palin was on the hustings, ragging on crony culture.
i got to thinking what was crony cuture? How different than the commonweal?

crony culture is my job at the machine shop paul demark got me.
crony custure is i wish i went to harvard then everytying would have been better
crony culture is my old j.o. teacher Jim saying to call MacLaughlin, Editor of New Directions, his old Harvard friend

crony culutre is my gramdpa's job for the city
my neighbors job at the college
my uncle getting my father a commission

crony culture is my summer job at johnsons
crony culture is no more bad or good than people
And what I see in Trump picks : parade of crony vulture culture on mad spring break holiday


On history

The reason history repeats itself is not because people forget.

People leave. Vacate the planet. And there are some things the next generation has to learn from first principles.

This is a bitter view. It says that culture is fleeting.The knowledge of the tribe will ebb. And that there is no such thing as Progress.

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