Tuesday, August 16, 2016

One Night in America's Dairyland - Bold Stump Stomp

Insight from Mr. Dolphy via: Mr Hutcherson: "Music is like the wind. You dont know where it came from, and you dont know were it went. You cant control it. All you can do is GET INSIDE THE SPHERE OF IT and be swept away."

Bold Stump Musingly

Before the memories fade, I wanted to say what a fantastic time I had at George's Tavern with all of you. 

We greatly exceeded my expectations. We made some fun and cool music. And some spacey jamming happened. 

And we had some amazing improvisational things happen. 

Like how the heck did we go to that Gloria ending wehn we could not get out of another song -- of which I don't recall?

Or how we all got back home on Homework after Bob and I were playing Watchtower as the set list said. 

I loved the vibe we had on stage. Bob -- you were amazing as a bass player considering you started working on it 3 months ago. You were rock solid my rhythm section partner. 

Jef and John nailed the guitar parts.  We nailed Jeff's cool songs. Jeff delivered them beautifully.

 Did we really play Saberhagens? 

Jack, you commanded the stage and were such a good performer and singer.  

Mike -- what a pleasure to play with you. A total pro and artist. You raised the artistry level. 

I even got to play a drum solo -- and I have no idea what song it was on or how we got there. But I dug it.

So many amazing things happened. 

The bottom line was we had a blast and so did the audience. It was so cool to look out there and see so many friends and family members. 

I just tried to be fully present and enjoy the moments with all of you. 

Thank you to Bob and John for all the work they put in to make this happen. 

I'm so glad that we took a chance and did it. Boldly. - Paul DeMark


Runaround Suely


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Unknown said...

Thank you Jack. One thing I didn't realize until last night: That may have been your Racine performance debut as it was Mike and mine. Right? If so, I'm sorry that I did not acknowledge that at George's. I was thinking that you had performed in Racine.

Loved doing the show with you.

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