Monday, July 04, 2016

Visit the Vault - Bo Diddley, All American

Mona, Who Do You Love, You Cant Judge a Book, Road Runner .. so many numbers that were part of my best days. He created a foundational style of rocknroll and he did so by reinventing the instrument called the guitar.Who would say he did not have his hand on the pulse of his time as much as the Nasa astronauts or the Beats?Say Man, Mumbles, Ride on Josephine, Cadillac, Cops and Robbers. His super session with Muddy Waters and Little Walter. An all instrumental Checker record of his I used to have. Certainly unique. Some good articles have traced his tremendous influence. Let me add a few: The Doors doing Who Do you Love; the Cryan Shames doing Cadillac; The Shadows of Knight doing You Cant Tell a Book; the complete oo-vra of the the QuickSilver Messenger Service. Eerie the Garage that was Bo!  READ THE REST FROM JUNE 2008

 Bo Didley on Ed Sullivan 1955
 Bo Didley 1965
 Bo Didley and Chuck Berry
 Bo Didley 1968
 Im a RoadRunner
 You Cant Judge a Book
 Bio brief
 Roadrunner (Wembly?)
 Bo Didley 1970

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