Sunday, June 21, 2015

Beyond the horizon


This handsome fellow is my father, contemplating the horizon. I take it to be coming back from WW II. Once I offered him some Blatz that I put in the refrigerator, which elicited the fact that, coming back from Italy on a troop ship, they provided all with as much beer as they could drink. "We towed it along the side in cargo nets to keep it cold. It was Blatz. I never want to have another Blatz again" - he said. He'd sent every paycheck back since 1942 to his mother. He took the money and spent a year in Argentina. Why? "When I was in school there was a map of the world on the wall that I would look at, and Argentina was the farthest place in one direction." I guess that rings somewhat true because, when we lived in Racine, he took us to extremes: that is: La Crosse, and the Mississippi; Duluth, and Lake Superior, Green Bay and Door County. On Sunday afternoons like today, we'd take family drives. But today, as I said last year, he would be watching the U.S. Open. Happy Fathers' Day all.

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