Saturday, April 04, 2015

You are there

You are there. So I got back to town and I bought the Boston Globe. Determined to enhance my attachment to the current. To be here now that I am no longer gone. Not for the front page mind you I head, with an Iran deal, and a Kenyan campus slaughter. But for the local. The MBTA’s cost of maintenance per vehicle is on the roof..way above other services. But the cost is not a result of our trains being older. Protest vthe head of RCC. The never ending saga. But the Aaron Hernandez trial is coming to an end. I got a sneaky feeling they should have done the murder trials in sequence of chronology. An off duty cop beat up an Uber driver. Did he expect a free ride? The Red Sox are sending one of their two new Cuban players to the minors ($88m!) - why did they get Hanley Ramierez, keep Victorino? This is all starting to make no sense. The Celtics are tied for last playoff spot. [I hope we get Fred Kaminsky.] Andris Nelson has an international program planned for BSO next season, including big recordings. He has sent no Cubans to the minors. Session American is described as an institution. Apt. Take Hokum, Add Starch and Lottsa Chloroform should be heir theme song. Meanwhile, the Mission Hill Gazette is much more targeted at what is happening: how tall the new buildings will be, for example. And that's the way it is. - Jack Vaughan

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