Saturday, January 24, 2015

I remember Soulville

I remember hearing ''Dust My Blues'' -- on the grey Kent 45 thanks to Norman Wilde, who would select my free 45 to accompany an LP I'd buy at Soulville Records next to the Veneitan theatre on Main Street in Racine in 1967. I saw George Wallace getting a haircut at a barbershop nextdoor. I told Jack, the propieter - he would not walk three-feet to see George Wallace get a haircut downtown on Main St. in Racine when he was running in 1968 (primary or gnl election).I've put a lot of miles on, and seen many ramifications and enhancements and extrapolations. But I've come back to that chord of Elmore only. Jack and Norman (shown here) were hipster gurus of life and blues and jazz. They made Soulville, a narrow dark store full of record covers, a truly extraordinary place.

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