Friday, December 06, 2013

Nelson Mandela, at 95

Just went out and bought the Times. Stunning coverage on Mandela. Stayed up late last night watching that. I’d really come to take him for granted and it is interesting how the press serves the purpose of saying, wooah, this was history for the ages. When Mandela came to Boston, he appeared at Roxbury Crossing (the news outlets here seem to just remember the Esplanade appearance – well, with Paul Simon and Stevie Wonder, why not?). My wife and son (then two) went to the Roxbury Crossing speech, however. I missed it : being on plane to cover a trade show in Calif. I’d say “sigh” but I was glad to making a living, yknow, and glad my brood went there in my place. Very few miracles - but he was a big one.

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