Sunday, July 21, 2013

My Twittter Critiquer on Taj Mahal in Boston July 2013


  1. I liked it when he said 'look at that pink sky' 'looks like a Maxfield Parrish painting.' Hey people stop, look and listen!
  2. Boston City Hall 7.20 He pays tribute to those girls with "critical mass in the backfield" Bluesman, tomorrow's Sunday!
  3. Boston City Hall 7.20 Taj recalls Hillbilly Ranch greats: The Lilly Bros.
  4. Live Boston-Taj: Do the still have the Hillbilly Ranch? "They (Mort Zuckerman) tore down the Hillbilly ranch!" R.I.P. JLWright.
  5. Boston City Hall 7.20 Yao Ming's got taste.. saw him in the cheap seats! Woking Blues?!
  6. Peaches in the summer time (one more day in magic brown bag) Apples in the fall Boston City Hall 7.20
  7. Boston City Hall 7.20 Hail to Elmore on closing TV Mama (the one with the Big Wide Screen).
  8. Boston City Hall 7.20 His 1st records transformative for me. Good this evening were Creole Bell, Queen Bee, more.
    1. Ed snapped this pic as we rocked into the mid evening clock at The Government Center. Thanks Mr Ahearn!
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  9. taj howlin wolfism: ride that horse
  10. with tajmahal at city hall! Ran up on tech genius ed scannell n son. has begun.
  11. Hot but fishing by taj was cool.
  12. talking about hot..taj said springfield in 47 was worst. Thats what my folks said bout sprinfield 52. Guess i fried n cried.
  13. with a feeling tajmahal at city hall! This is a mean old world. Try livin by yourself.
  14. Proven.: Boston strangler matches Di Salvos. Now i can continue living with measurably less mystery.

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