Saturday, May 04, 2013

From the vaults - Celtics, 2008

On a bit of a sad one, maybe a little poem from the best Celts days, 2008.

Indelible Cityscape
Walking up the Mission Hill
Past the summer porches
During the 4th quarter
Each TV tuned to the Game 4
Cheers coming out loud
I know we are coming back
See Tall Preston and ask the score
The Celts just moved two points ahead.

For essay on 2008 win.

Meanwhile, here's my facebook take on last night..2013

Ok it is dirge time for the 1012-13 Celtics and maybe for the era of the Big 3.But like my friend said the comeback was stirring. The last two of three standing – Pierce and Garnett Ray Allen never lost their fit. Who knows what is in store? But Paul and KG deserve a bow. I have never seen two players who wanted to win more, and I have been around a long time. Doc Rivers (Marquette's own) may call it quits too. The hearts of champions will never be buried, and the Knicks will have to go a long way to undo their bits of foolishness. The spirit of Zoot suited Joeseph Wally Walcott is looking for Spike Lee who should not be walking on the court calling travelling in a Pinkie Lee outfit. (Let's go down to Dudley and besmirch his image on the Malcom X mural. )(No, let art be.)Would Jeff Glad to be Here Green not be candidate for comeback of the year?! Bless him! Boston Strong!

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