Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hwy 32

I went out and ripped Leonard Cohen, his manager wasnt the only one. You know, I saw him at a Dolls show in the 70s, and all he said was hello. So why not? Anyway Picasso said it was good to steal. Below is my 2009 April 3 minute opus Roll Cadillac Roll; it drips Leonard. It came to me the 1st Sunday after  Easter when Thomas doubts. I was in a little park square when I saw the bird [mentioned], and was in fact, shortly thereafter on the phone to Jeff DeMark [who was honing his homage to Rock LaPatina.] So here it us.. you will find it as an embeddable video below .. a bit biblical..if I have hit luck. Anyhoo, it's outthere now. the original rag is here.

I was hard pressed  and fallen
The doors were locked and bolted
When the dove it up and pointed to the heart of Jesus pierced
And change came over me
Like wind through a tree
And I went out on 32 hwy with its crows
Roll Cadillac roll
Roll Cadillac roll

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