Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas 1972

Christmas 1972

When i lived in new york
poor as a mouse door

i would go on fifth avenue
shopping the windows

but i  got a white knit hat 
for my sister at abraham-strauss

then there at scrbiners
or coulda been doubledays
and it was on about christmas
i saw danny kaye

brilliant, welcome, witty, immortal,
adored by the store help

i crossed ore a portal
walter mitty in dream trance
in life's dance
a corker
a short time new yorker.

would catch the train outta there
but carry sprite danny

sprite danny
and the hat for my sister

in  a place
in my memory.

until this very moment
when here it is look here and
you stand in front of me.

-Jack Vaughan


Jeff said...

That's a wonderful poem Jack...loved reading it and love that it comes from your beautiful heart. love you


Jeff said...

I tried to publish this..but here goes...that's a wonderful poem from your beautiful soul...i remember when you were there with Dave...trying so hard to find the poetry and it's always been in your heart. And you've always found it and it's found you

love to you Jeff

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