Thursday, October 16, 2008

Boston's Red Sox are against the wall again

Boston's Red Sox are against the wall again. I tend not to devote energy to teams' down 3-1, as history has shown that is an absurd position to place oneself in in a 7 game series.

Yet .. at this time, I recall last year, and three years ago. So I will post link to last year's writeup on this topic. The Sox won the fifth game, and did not lose again for the rest of the championship post season. What will be will be.


Boston beats Cleveland to stay alive; Canadian Soldiers at bay

Cleveland, Oct 19, 2007 – When the Boston players began Thursday night’s game with the Clevelands, their backs were to the wall. Trailing three games to one in the American League Championship series, the Hubsters needed a win just to stay alive as the teams met at Jacobs Field. When it was over, the Crimson Hose succeeded in holding off the Clevelands, benefiting from a five-hit effort by ace Josh ‘Waiting for Godot’ Beckett, outscoring the Erie Lake fellows 7-1. .......... Read the Rest of the Story.

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