Saturday, July 05, 2008

Bring it to the Root

Jeff DeMark saw fit to provide a view on his recent performance in old Racine. He provided a link to an excellent Journal-Times article...and there is a link you should see above to Jeff on YouTube.

Thought you might like to see this article from the Journal-Times if you haven’t seen it. It was an absolutely remarkable experience on both nights. The first night John Landaal organized bunch of people to go to Wells Brothers (I went, too), including Bob Henken, John Reutz, Bob Shenkenberg, Bob Stepien, Dick Ruetz, Ed Raymond and their wives then they all went to the show. Six or seven nuns came, including Sister Carol Wester and Jean Ferstl, Devon Hudson came, Jeff Montgomery, Carla Dougard, a bunch of my cousins and their mates….both nights sold out and there was such a warm, electric atmosphere. I was simply amazed at the response. Talk about bringing it all back home. I felt truly blessed to be able to bring it the Root (River).

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