Thursday, November 29, 2007

Preacher Jack

My friend Jeff Hull and I went first to
see him up on Revere Beach Park way in
the 70s. And later my friends Gordon
and Sarah and me met up and saw him on
Mass Ave at Frank's Steak House in the
'90s. Sat next to old Dave Maxwell,
Sunnyland Slim's friend, and an
blues piano sheik acquaintance from
the long ago Slim days.

Preacher Jack plays boogie. And
country. He is an artist madman,
straight and simple. He used to
sing/preach for booze in the Revere
Beach days..but he has mellowed,
deepened and cooled the alcohol bit [but is no less maddened,
Jack!] Yet, say, listen to his take on Hank Williams' Singing Waterfall, and you find a soft soul eternal.

Here is his schedule [he sort of
appears on the scene and goes away] for
December. He has a new Rounder Record, and a
myspace site. On which there is a way-back pic of him - shown here - with
Jerry Lee Lewis that is totally

Once Preacher gets to preaching, which
is every time, he doesn’t stop much. You
may want to hear him play piano, which
he pounds like Albert Ammons, but you
have to wait til he's ready. He can
kill you with country, but he has to
come around to it. Like most poets, he
is a trip.

[Today, btw, Nov 29, is anniversary of George Harrison's Death in 2001....sigh]

Upcoming Shows

Dec 5 2007 9:30P
Church - Preacher Jack residency w/The Coffin Lids Boston, Massachusetts

Dec 19 2007 9:30P
Church - Preacher Jack residency w/The Hyphens Boston, Massachusetts

Dec 20 2007 9:00P
Sally O’Brien’s Bar and Grill w/Blue Dust Drifters Somerville, Massachusetts

Dec 26 2007 9:30P Church - Preacher Jack residency w/Doug MacDonald Band Boston,
Jan 11 2008 The Cantab Lounge (downstairs) w/The Clydesdale Cowboys Cambridge, Massachusetts

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