Friday, September 21, 2007

My Times and Welcome to it - Mighty Google Midget

Louise Story writes about the Mighty Google Midget. Google is bringing out a video widget, its first step toward banner-style advertising. As described in the Times, benefits of the Google widget are ease of development for advertisers and marketers. But it is hard to believe it is all that complicated. I admit I did not go through all the samples, but when you go through the examples posted on Google’s site, they do not look like something you haven’t seen before. Like very bit of technology news, somebody loves it and is ready to be quoted. Thus we have Dimity Ioffe of Media Banners saying “widgets are a dream for marketers.” I guess the key is that it is viral, that you make the widget available when you post it…and some folks may put them on their blogs…where they can last forever. Lasting forever is a miracle, and probably has its drawbacks too, but Google will tell you about that in

Google Program Enlists Mini-Sites as Selling Tool for Advertisers -NYT, Sept 14, 2007

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