Thursday, March 15, 2007

Shroud Take March 15, 2007

Our story so far:Shroud Take March 10, 2007

Shroud talks:
Spysmasher..he had the patent on the rheostat. Wire-round variable resistor controlling ovens, heaters and the like. For making bleeder circuits and voltage dividers. You know. But nobody remembers. I am all that’s left. Spysmasher was a monster euchre player. He could play the game of euchre . Which it was not my game. My game was coon can. I watched him with that euchre.

Drove a 500-mph Gyrosub. At one point he was brainwashed by The Mask using a Brainograph.

A Brainograph was actually conceptually pretty similar to a glass harmonica. Programmed to overthrow U.S. government. Programed to kill. First person he kills: The Mask. Went on a saboteur spree, sister. Not the Spysmasher with the Tommy Gun bursting into warehouses and flying on exploding dynamite barrels. But somebody reversed the process that made him an anarchist. Or he just got over it.

But his was the acme of cliffhangers, really. [At which point an index card dotted with resistor schema fell out of his 'cigarette pocket.'] He could leap like a bloddy lizard. And built a nice place up on Fence Lake. By then he was driving a Rocket 88, about 110-mph. Wore goggles. And still a silk scarf, ha! Watch out for spokes, Isadora, that’s what I said. He was a great guy.

When he’d play Euchre he’d have 7up and Seagram 7 at hand, you know if he could. He could have take the rheostat 24 ways by 7. But it didn’t figure. A good guy. But not interested in coon can.

The question was who was Spysmasher. The answer was another question. Who was Dr Shroud?

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