Saturday, March 10, 2007

Film of Bowen Court. ITube for dummies

I got this film of my life on Bowen Court in Madison. It starts with Bill driving his orange-yellow well-kept Dodge away after groceries. Leon and Eric drive down the street on cycles like Angels. Leon does a wheelie laughing. Brusha comes out the door acting like Tarzan, posing and posing, always in front of the camera, holding a banana most suggestively.

Barb emerges crossing her breast with the banana peel, points ‘thataway’ and a second later we see the old bowlegged surgical-hosed lady waddling down the street.

Then its another day, the after our last Bowen Court party, and Jim H. comes out the front door now, Peggy and Greg join him; Greg has the longest –craziest fizzed hair, like a fern in need of re-potting under his Milwaukee Brewer’s hat. Then Mazik and then Paul putting on a busboy’s white jacket. It’s two in the afternoon and he’s obviously just waking up. Bruce, shirtless proud physique coming out with a fried egg on a spatula laughing.

Then Brusha again, pointing to the flying “A” on his jersey, you can read his lips: “The Scarlet Letter.” Although it is yellow. Then the cats, Tina and a contented Raga. Ray Jackson. Me. The end.

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Anonymous said...

To be honest, I hoped to run the old philm, and post stills. but alas the projector broke.

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