Saturday, August 05, 2006

One’s 2 many…and a hundered’s not enough

Jack w One Two Many Band singer Stephanie Bichanich
John Jonny Rocket Ruetz & One2ManyBand, NYC, July27, 2006

But the thing that made this trip happen in fact when it did was the fact that the One 2 Many Band was appearing in New York. Ensconced in LL2. Showered and revived. The night came. For us to see John Reutz and crew.

And we went down [got lost big time before we got there [on time] ] to Cornelia St Café. Somewhere in the neighborhood of the specters of Gregory Corso and Sidney Simon.

John Ruetz, my high school mate [I did the promotion for his 1966 class president campaign] band mate of the DeMark’s Basement days, has continued with music as a hobby over the years. And now he has partners in a professional band known as One2Many Band. Learned about this through Brusha [who saw and played with John’s band one night with Bob and Celeste Henken in attendance] and Paul DeMark who also saw and sat in. Got on the mailing list and discovered they were playing NYC July 27th [playing State Fair back in West Allis following week! Like tonight.]

So John comes into the Cornelia St Café, wearing what I’d call a two-tone bowling shirt, with bit of goatee…looks great! And he meets Jake - similarly looking great – and then Ann Ruetz comes in [still “Ann Lewis” in my [high school] book. And everybody is great.

Downstairs this is like a showcase gig..and they only can do one short set. John The KnobGuy adjusts upon the amp precisely and the guitar until the minute that the band must kick in. And they are really good. John plays with same style of ever but has really gotten way better in 30 years; and the band singer Stephanie Bichanich is a spectacular performer with real feel for the blues, for music, for show business.

Lost my notes on the play list. But they did the House of the Rising Sun, Little by Little, Roadhouse Blues, and Turtle Blues. Turtle Blues was example of Stephanie’s talent because I really wouldn’t think anyone could do that after Janis Joplin. Yet she could evoke Joplin but still first of all evoke the song and get her own band over. I have some numbers in the old 45 collection that I’d like to send The One2Many’s. Just brilliant, and afterward dinner and talk.

Keep in touch with the band using this URAL.
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jrockit said...

What a night! The band had a great time and a great trip, but the highlight of the night has got to be our rendevous with the fabulous Jack Ignatious Vaughan, keeper of the blues torch, confidant of the stars, and pretty much devil his own damn self.... still crazy after all these years. We will return.

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