Friday, August 04, 2006

Love's Arthur Lee Dies

Love's Arthur Lee died yesterday afternoon in Memphis after a prolonged bout with leukemia. He was sixty-one. After his diagnosis became public, several artists -- including former Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant, the New York Dolls' David Johansen and Ryan Adams -- took part in a benefit show for Lee at New York's Beacon Theatre on June 23rd.

His number 7+7 Is was one of the ravingest of all time. The first lp was among greatest folk rock pieces...and second lp - from 1966 - was one year ahead of its time. Friends liked Forever Changes, not me. But I was playing Love just last week, and discussing with Jake.

You have to wonder if the interracial Love would have been the hit the Doors were, if they'd come up with a Light My Fire [and they were all white].

My brother Mike saw Lee live about two years ago. Said he came on and tripped over the cables..made a joke about tripping..started out with My Little Red Book with tambourine.. and just wowed all... then did for #3 song...Orange was young but tight behind him... and then for the 5th number he called out Orange Skies..again...oops, band tells, him we did that already.. Things were kind of in decline after the big opener..but fun...said Mike. [ think author of this piece usta hang out with an art director I worked w...

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