Wednesday, July 26, 2006

We serve the folks

In honor of our trip to New York … I am running a picture of…. Racine. Es Kewpies!
File under blast from the past. My son and I are going to be in NYC and we're hoping to see John Ruetz and the OneTwoManyBand at Cornelia St. Brusha and Paul DeMark told me about this band. I am psyched. Will AIM high. With mustard and pickles.
Note: Kewpies used to be hunkered down under a public parking garage when I was a kid. Who would have known it was so breathtakingly streamlined? One wonders if Zippie ever went here. Kewpee: A buddha-like doll baby committed to Food for the folks. It's next to what was Reihls there. Thrifty Sandy used to be in the garage too. Smell of mustard on hamburger still brings back the time...Dave and [Bob H., John C?] ditched me and Jim. Ran into Norman of Soulville with his family there too much later on.

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