Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Doug’s Pool Hall

Recent visit to San Francisco and evening and pool with friends Dave and Jim brought to mind a time in the late ‘70s in Doug’s Pool Hall on State St. in Racine. There’s a thread that connects I think .

Doug’s Pool Hall has got a little bit of ’63 Kennedy sculpture
A smiley Johnny with a Santa’s face -
There’s a genuine 1957 Braves’ team photo
And beautiful Breck hair girls of 1947.

Doug’s clothes hang here and there lightly on nails -
Nails in the four by four that holds up that one hunk of ceiling.
Everything is memory brown
Except of course for the green felt tables.

One giant of a man looks up at tonight’s TV - wears a brimmed-down fishing hat
Same as his smaller friend.

It’s nine o’clock summer night in my hometown
On Lake Michigan and Doug exchanges news with Jim.

Where is Dave?
Gone to California.

Where is Jeff?
On his way from New Mexico.

Did you know that Gene Ammons died?
We look at the floor. Oh he was my favorite, Doug says.

With soft touch, he racks for us.
Coke and Sunrise orange soda and Racine gospel group on the juke.

1 comment:

Jeff DeMark said...

That's agreat poem Jack--really captures the essence of Doug's pol hall and the man himself. Loved it.


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