Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Good night, year

Locust plague would have been the frosting on the horrible cake of war, tsunami and hurricanes, and failed civil engineering this year. But we are still standing. Each day is a blessing. My father died in 2005, but it was sad, not tragic - he was glad to go to better world. Here, the year was palatable one day at a time. It was the year they removed the smoke coming from the pipe in the drawings in reissues of “Goodnight Moon.”

The home team won the Super Bowl. Fionna Apple created ‘Extraordinary Machine.’ I saw Mose Allison. Paul DeMark put out a record. Jeff DeMark and family actually made it here to Boston – same night Jake saw the Rolling Stones [from a rooftop near Fenway]. Jeff performed in S.F. with Gangomine in tow. Hey I am getting jazzed! No world is a failure that has friends.

These were blogs of the year for me.
Church Eulogy for my father
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Super Bowl half-time dream
The Atlantic sneaks out of town
Memphis Minnie epic
I got Google in my heart for the judge

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