Thursday, August 10, 2017

Travel Section

Travel Section

I ate a dish
of cuban
moors and christians

heard the frying

and saw the drying
tobacco leaves

surveying all with
pleasant whimsy

then to realize
all was wrapped in

the news agog of parry, thrust
thrust and stumble
all the flotsam of the scandalous realtor trump
who comes from a rarebit dream
who comes rocking my dreamboat
thrashing and gulping
the jetsam in the headlines

trump on boner medicine
disdaining the life of the mind
and the failing times
who spits in our subway
and chews out the help
in momentous grasp of in-harmonic spinning
out of the universe wayard@

why wrap
the travel section in news any longer?
why not wrap all again in the funnies
why not wrap the news in the
sunday comics
and not just on

we can go from nebula to nebula
and reawakening
and our troubles can come
wrapped in dreams.

as with our parents
and ancestor voyagers
at our choosing.

                          -Jack Vaughan, Aug 2017
@Joy Haro;

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