Saturday, August 19, 2017

Data science and dev ops thoughts

UNDER CONSTRUSION - A new profession takes a time to truly develop, whether it's animal husbandry, barbering,  bridge building or what have you. For software development, the journey is still underway.

The software profession took clear steps forward during the 1960s. Software had become essential to
U.S. military defense, not to mention IBM, and, with the imperative to go to the Moon, there appeared money and interest enough for methodologists to ponder what type of professional processes could lead to predictable, successful and repeatable outcomes.
[Stubbs to pursue… But some of it was comical. There was the crush of methodologies (each one a method that went to college ..) the advent of the software engineer (someone you could put in jail, or at least disbar, if their software killed someone) and the software architect (Paging Mr. Art Vanderlay!)]
With the data scientist, we take another step on the winding road to professionalism.  Are they really scientists? And doesn’t it turn out in the end that their statistics are found in want if not couched in a more liberal, humanistic understanding of the context of data?
Meanwhile, I'm still thinking... Devops is a counter balance to the CASE methodlogies (worst of them), right?]


Thursday, August 10, 2017

Travel Section

Travel Section

I ate a dish
of cuban
moors and christians

heard the frying

and saw the drying
tobacco leaves

surveying all with
pleasant whimsy

then to realize
all was wrapped in

the news agog of parry, thrust
thrust and stumble
all the flotsam of the scandalous realtor trump
who comes from a rarebit dream
who comes rocking my dreamboat
thrashing and gulping
the jetsam in the headlines

trump on boner medicine
disdaining the life of the mind
and the failing times
who spits in our subway
and chews out the help
in momentous grasp of in-harmonic spinning
out of the universe wayard@

why wrap
the travel section in news any longer?
why not wrap all again in the funnies
why not wrap the news in the
sunday comics
and not just on

we can go from nebula to nebula
and reawakening
and our troubles can come
wrapped in dreams.

as with our parents
and ancestor voyagers
at our choosing.

                          -Jack Vaughan, Aug 2017
@Joy Haro;

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Reckless Heel

He works as a pin ball machine repairman ... at the Dessert Bally Ho. He blesses the union with Frankie, just as he goes tilt. Frankie wins the Las Vegas Speedway 200, neatly evading a flaming conflagration. Well mounted vehicle for coquettish Weld.

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