Monday, December 26, 2016

News, 2016 - Oakland Ghost Ship Disaster

Oakland Ghost Ship Disaster-
Ballet with scent of robbery/
strangers and artists in the house/
broke down crash pad palace of many rooms combustible/
party radio of r&b and r&b and trance/
Then the dream is on fire.
And a change is in plans for limbo babies.
                                                                    - Jack Vaughan

The story goes in my family that my mother had a date to go to the Coconut Grove. But her mother wouldn't let her go - and she acquiesced. My brother elicited the suitor's name, and found it in the followup newspaper death list covering the Nov 28, 1942 fire when 495 were killed. Most of us can find one of these moments where, by chance or grace, they may have not ever happened. I have a couple more. The dream was without fire. That was attached on the news.

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