Thursday, November 17, 2016

From the Vaults: Mose Allison

In honor of his recent passing... a review of a concert 11 years ago.

For his birthday, my brother and I saw Mose Allison at Scullers in Boston. Second show, Oct 21. So glad we did!

I have some of his records and consider him a great lyricist, and master of a true ethos. Quite influential. And blues oriented. But to see him! He is blues poet for sure

He played so many numbers..moved quickly, getting stronger, but always cool. Did Who’s Loving You Tonight, assigning it to Robert Lockwood Jr; Seventh Son, citing Dixon. Did Buddy Johnson song. Do Nothing Til You Hear From Me.

Of course his own numbers are totally unique. To hear them in essence was illuminating. This Aint Me [‘This old grey geezer”], I’m Getting There, Hello Universe, Mind on Vacation, Tell Me Something I Don’t Know...

You say the world is mad
You say that you've been had
You don't like your part in the floor show
You say it's all a bust
There's no one you can trust
Well, tell me something that I don't know

Lefty Frizell’s If You Got the Money treated deftly. In fact, money as a mode, or myth, certainly as a stange concern, appear often in his hipster’s bible. Example: The More You Got, The More You Got to Lose. And Numbers On Paper.

Playing a Yamaha grand. Doing some sparse classical runs. Not striding at all. Occasionally the madcap; Silent movie chases and crash falling leaves. A coda one time that was classic blues close ala Sunnyland Slim

Wearing Addidas sneakers. Black dockers. Blue arrow shirt. Purple Fleece which he delicately zipped and folded, like an old trouper, a couple of numbers into the set. A beat Willie Nelson. A beat poet. A beat poet who can play piano. And sing. Old Philosopher, Well Mean advisor, Oracle of blues. Like last living beat. Was a treat.

Anyway. The world needs a book dedicated to his lyrics. So it is in one place. He wont be on the Hastings for ever. But he is here now.
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to be direct and economical," said Allison.

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