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Bold Stumps Reunion Impresses Its Self on Racine, Wisconsin

Bold Stumps Reunion Impresses Its Self on Racine, Wisconsin

- Leading musicians commit to learn both chords, words and time signatures - 

August 3, 2016

(HUDSON BAY, NUNAVUT, CANADA) - It was only 20 years ago that reclusive computer trade press writer Jack Vaughan told Rolling Stone there was "little to nil chance" that the Bold Stumps would return for a musical campaign. Well say hello to nil, because Vaughan and the Stumps band are now preparing for a one-night-only stand at the venerable George's Tavern on Main Street in their original home town of Racine, Wisconsin.

Only once in a millennium does the group play. But it had to happen. Their friends back in the day said their music was like a luminescent jelly fish in a sea of dark murk. But few outside of several select basements ever saw the band actually perform. Reports indicate the group's preparatory sessions in Undisclosed Location, Canada, have been going well, with only limited bickering and petulance.

Reached at his villa on the Isle of Capri, saxophone player Mike Brusha said, "Being back is really a groove thing, a time warp, but good. The tour is going to be great fun. I am as happy as a kid when pork bellies explode on the Farm Report."

Brusha let on that the band is reworking its repertoire of rock, polkas and mazurkas "for the new millennium." "How many ways can you play 'Wipe Out?' We are still pushing that envelope," he said.

The lone Stump missing is former blues harp prodigy, Jim 'ZooKeep Blues Boy Jr.' Haas. Sending smoke signals from his San Francisco home, he asserted that the only time he performed with the Stumps, ''in an Augusta Street basement in more sordid times,'' the group experienced a once-in-a-lifetime realization of rock and roll perfection.

"Ain't no reason to revisit the scene of a crime," snarled Haas "unless you're of a mind to gut the bitch and start over!" Taking Haas's place in the Bold Stumps' line-up is Hey Juan Barnstomer second baseman Jeff De Mark, some kind of relation to Stumps' drummer Paul De Mark. Bob Stepien and John Ruetz round out the Stump combo, on guitar and bass, especially.

Sponsored by Depends and Polident, The Bold Stump tour, entitled 'Not dead yet,' will kick off – and end – on August 10, 2016 at George's. Flowers can be sent in lieu of donations.


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