Sunday, July 31, 2016

Distilled Cue Riff

Sorry if I have become  a one-noter on this (See Chick Willis, Stoop Down Baby). But I have distilled the Cue riff.- Jack Vaughan

Punk to me will always be the Lucky Cue, 1965.
Of Main Street Racine.
That pin ball and pool parlor palace of our factory town home.
The Juke Box at the Lucky Cue made our shared history. Before there was Punk there was basement.

Recall The Cue:
Which we now place in offering.

You walk in there and the juke box is playing.
Two long rows of greenfelt tables,
pinball machines up front,
more tables and a mezzanine level in the back.
Drop a quarter in the juke box.
Listen to
96 Tears,
Sometimes Good Guys Dont Wear White,
You Gonna Miss Me,
Little Latin Lupe Lu
Pushing Too Hard, and,

From Chicago
The Shadows of Knight.

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