Saturday, April 30, 2016

True Water Beavers, Thoughts on

In 1967 my parents took a monthlong tour of Europe, leaving me, my brother and sister with my aunt and uncle in Milton Mass in some pseudo farm and horse country outside of Boston. This was a serious dislocation from my high school friends who I was sure we're having the most wonderful summer ever at North Beach In the day and the Point at night. All I had was records I’d brung along [Happy Jack, Electric Music for the Mind and Body, The Grateful Dead, Moby Grape and Sgt. Peppers(5a)] and a little turntable. That is like: background.

One night on tv there was a show about ‘hippies’. They had these guys on, and I would bet they were from the commune that John identified: The True Light Beavers. The joke was one of them had a basketball uniform top on saying “True Light Beavers”. I knew it was a put on. And I liked it. They took their name from the shirt they found at a Goodwill. Are you religious? The moderator asked. Yes, they said. Our religion is called the True Light Beavers. We worship garbage. I took this back to Racine with me, but I guess I came back with True Water Beavers rather than True Light. Rashomon!

When I got back people were glad to see me. (This was a first). And I told them what I saw in Boston. I was able to show them what I saw, cause I had 21 Fillmore posters.  There was a dance at Lakeside. Henken, Murray, Bob LaFrance, Bill Little and me found a tank on the outskirts of town. Got in it, and sang Fugs song. I can remember Baby You’re a Rich Man coming out on the radio, driving around, maybe, with John and Bob Stepien. I told all about the True Water Beavers.

[One night some of us decided to start both a religion and a band the following day. In the spirit of the Beavers we were going to make our instruments from organic matter. The next day, at the beach, where we were to meet up, I think only two guys but me showed up. I’d say Dave Murray and Bob LaFrance. Making instruments out of tree twigs was not easy We didn't have a quorum so that was that. ]

And then I assume it was the next winter and we were in film art class. And John and Al and Bob made a movie I joined in on. Like the Monkees or Hard Days Night. But one of y'all sure got the feel for stop-motion – it was rollicking -  sound track was Joan Collins…From Lawrence Welk playing ragtime (Rampart St Stomp)…and a title was needed for the film: and John selected: “So you want to be a Beaver.” So that’s the story from my recollection. -Jack

Wow Just looking for cucumber gazpacho recipe and I found reference to the True Light Beavers on Martha Stewart segment

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