Monday, December 28, 2015


"Hoffa" is a remarkable movie, an original and vivid cinematic work, but is that enough? I think it is. Others will have legitimate objections to the ways the film operates. - V. Canby, NYT, 1992

Jimmy prowled the dark road - a highway man
looking for members to sign - Hoffa's ethos was to help the
working man - dealing with the mob - that was just a practical matter - in this quest.

And, yes - this can be faulted. But let it resound:

When the rhubarb had begun, and with blood it was
in flower -when the fisticuffs ensued - and the fruit packer depots were amok, alit and mad like a Brughel -
Jimmy Hoffa jumped in with resolute punches.

Trust that smile? He wouldn't ask you to -
But to trust the man fighting along side?
Well that's up to you.
                                                       - Jack Vaughan


Jack Vaughan said...

Didn't he pay Stepin Fetchit's hospital bill?

Jack Vaughan said...

If anyone has a point of view on this it'd be welcome. I am conflicted. I saw this nearly Shakespearian version of Hoffa's life (directed by Danny DeVito, penned by David Mamet) and went from there. But if one of my friend's was victimized by Hoffa, his legion or his legacy, I'd feel bad.

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