Saturday, September 05, 2015


We did a poetry reading - Jeff DeMark, Natawa, me, back in the day, that included music and it is here in a recording. Dylan's Million Dollar Bash to start off a very fun evening. I can still recall that Greg and Steve and Terri Spring refused to have the empties bussed from their table which in turn at the evening end displayed about 50 beer bottles. Bob Watt, whose work really got me going with poetry in the first place was there, so that was a super wonderful blessing. This was at the Creperie on State St in Madison on some Sept 4th in the 1970s, A full house for poetry and music. At 39cents for admission, why not? The music led by Jeff. Including Charlie Deming, Dana Poissin, Natawa and me Jim Haas did a solo during course of evening. It had the crowd going Ohm. A great crowd in fact. Jim Jones of Jonestown is mentioned here, and since he came to prominence in late 1978 one could guess this happened int 1979. But I think it was much earlier: 1976 or 1977. I have a recollection that there was a Daily Cardinal reporter there who reviewed The 39 Cent Poetry Reading, and gave general high marks except for a pan of one of the singers- he/she wrote : "A Patti Smith WannaBe" - Jack "I would need more ambition to qualify as a WannaBe" Vaughan

Click to hear on SoundCloud. (apologies to Bob Dylan's mechanical royalties system admin)

Click to hear and see on YouTube (apologies for grotty quality of visuals. I give up.)

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