Saturday, August 01, 2015

Phantom woosh

Click on the above image to play Phantom Woosh Momma. Sometimes I feel like a fellow I saw in Chicago. It was titularly Louis Meyers' gig, but as is wont in Chicago, many muscians comes by and gets up for a number. This fellow came up and sang his long-ago hit Stoop Down Baby (and let your daddy see). (I guess it was Chick Willis). (If you look this up on YouTube you get access to a whole lotta very dirty songs.}

Clearly he had sung it a gazillion times. It was in his heart. He had one note, but dammit he played it. I have become that way with this riff about Phantom Jets. They were still in use in Vietnam era. Their woosh for me forever resonates in the canyons of my mind. I'd like to put it down. Put it down and start singing Stoop Down. I have been mucking about with Apple Garage Band. Just trying to get it to work. I dont know how to make it record anything longer than 8 bars. Spose I should Google it.  -Jack Vaughan

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Jim Haas said...

Just a naked hunch, but you might want to stay out of that time-warp. All pilots come back to base.

Just got back from visiting Jerry Day at park next door. Today was Garcia's birthday and he was birthed about a mile away in the Excelsior district. Thousand of hippies and fun-lovers, dogs, the whole kit and inscrutaboodle. I strolled about like a social anthropologist studying the tribe. So as to blend in I wore my uniform: laughing buddha shirt and scorpion hat, representing both menace and mirth, the yin-yang of which we are all possessed. Claudia didn't go. She thinks marijuana smells like skunks.

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