Saturday, June 27, 2015

From the vaults - if I can hold you in an envelope of ever greater abstraction - Sept 2009

Experiment in Abstraction 1

I think America has the greatest music because it is such a hodge podge. So much in music is about dialectic, whether it is erudite Chopin encountering folk tunes, or Fats Waller goofing on a Bing Crosby tune ["the jingle bells done got him!]. So I look at a country tune from a few angles in this podcast including a riff on Sun record- era cowboy hipsters I met once in Eureka. This is in three parts, a nod to the restrictions on 'size of free post'.

Experiment in Abstraction 2

Experiment in Abstraction 3
I thought it would be great to be an Internet DJ. And to play music for my old friends like in the old days..except over the ether...well it is work. And I have a job. So I have been remiss on this. Technical hurdles amass in the Vaughan household and I get bogged down. So, this was originally done on Memorial Day..but it is posting on Labor Day. [I did get some sun this summer. :) ]Cecelia says I have a future with my voice, and I cant ever remember her being wrong about anything. By the way, Sat Sept 5 would have been Sunnyland Slim's 102nd birthday - play on Slim! Let them angels beat it out!
Comment on Experiment in Abstraction...Kink singer may be 'John Gosling', not 'John Dalton.'..

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