Sunday, May 24, 2015

Talking song ballad for Day of Memorial 2015

Had a great day yesterday at a poetry reading I attended and, if you know how poets are, you know somebody like me is going there imaging some insane concave of dead air may descend, a poet may get cotton mouth, and the call goes out "is there a poet in the house?" "Here I am!" I shout. And I'd been thinking about it being Memorial Day Weekend, and I'd been thinking of Peter LaFarge's  Ballad of Ira Hayes, so I worked it up in my mind, and plopped it on the piano here. When Johnny Cash put it out it floundered - he bought a full page in Billboard to promote it. Have much appreciation that the Hingham Veterans Dept. dutifully placed a new Veteran's flag on my fathers grave which I today visited with my mother. My brother Michael sings with me here. More guff: With all due respect to Peter LaFarge I post my rendition of the Ballad of Ira Hayes. God bless our service people and veterans on this Decoration Day. I want to remember the Battle of Iwo Jima and Ira Hayes. In my hometown into memoriam a float would cause gasps - a replication of the the Flag Raising. War is always in the air. And we should remember. And we should remember the brothers and sisters that battle has so wounded. There are superior versions of this - I  point you to Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Buffy St. Marie and author Peter La Farge. I didnt nail it but I thought I'd share it. I'm joined on it by my brother Michael. Happy Memorial Day.

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