Saturday, September 07, 2013


I just read a white paper on "influence". "The Influence Landscape" is not a bad digest of the trend that sees some big changes underway in the machinery of publicity, most due to the increasingly dominant channel of communication called 'The World Wide Web."Something's insightful here – something's banal. Something's here reasonable – some not. Some I agree with – some not.  Kind of par for the course. But the baseline is: Media is about influence. And the channels of influence are shifting. Digital media provide the mechanism for better measure, maybe, of what influence is. The new media certainly has allowed new experts to arise, many of whom the very people that the conventional press previously relied on, who have created new nexi (plural of nexus) for influential communities to arise around. How much does a hot shot rocket star developer care today about being quoted in a magazine? Some, but less than in the past.  Why? Because they have their own blog, or the count on an influencer to blog or tweet their words at public forums – even more so than they can count on a reporter to report the same.

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