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Before going on the road, Jack Kerouac was a gridiron - 10.23.89 - SI Vault

Before going on the road, Jack Kerouac was a gridiron - 10.23.89 - SI Vault

C: wrote: June 1988~ Lowell MA My son Jake is three months old. We've just returned from my dad Samuel Estrada, sr.'s memorial in southern California. I. was 37 years old
The photo taken by Jack is in Jack Kerouac Park in front of one of several black granite stones imprinted with J.K.'s prose.
We've been only able to return once or twice in 25 years. I wonder what the granitie pieces are like now?

From my point of view this was first time we took Jake out. Opening of Kerouac Park in Lowell. I think the weather has been unkind to stone. I can read the stone I think: ... "although I also know everybody in the world's had his own troubles, you'll understand that my particular form of anguish came from being too sensitive to all the lunkheads I had to deal with just so I could get to be a high school football star, a college student pouring coffee and washing dishes and scrimmaging till dark and reading Homer's Iliad in three days all at the same time, and God help me, a WRITER whose very "success," far from being a happy triumph as of old, was the sign of doom Himself." Jake met Paul Tsongas at this event that was attended by Ginsberg, Ferlinghetti and Fr.Spike too.JV

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