Sunday, December 02, 2012

Passed on Main

Stingray - I remember Dr. Stienle Shroudette would pass us on Main St as I was taken to school in the morning. His Stingray was blue - six lights on behind.  At various times other he owned an Avanti and a Mercedes. His ethos was sporty and precise.

He was going to work in the Great Tower of Science.In the morning we’d drive down Main Street. From 3 Mile Drive to Point Blank. Dr Shroudette in his Vette would pass us – the smallest semblance of a wave once - and we would thereafter tail him. Dr Stienle Shroud in his blue Corvette motoring down to the laboratory. Where they tested and researched. 

Within the Shroud chemical tower complex, the test tubes were vast, it was a tv studio too, for Shroudette did our town's Saturday morning science show. Inside, Shroud orchestrated a flow of chemical elements. I'd watch the show in my sweatshirt with te Dr Shroudette patch symbol from a brown bottled Elliptictine ersatz drink. I imagined in the array of glass tubing a palace of wisdom. Merle Travis was flat pickin through the car speakers. 

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