Friday, September 14, 2012

Dr Bop Mog Redux - Running in places! Crying too!

Dr Bop Mog Redux - Running in places! Crying too!

Solar Diamonds
The day the earth stood still. More time for me. To remake this film you got to go back in time.

Run on, see what the ends going to be
Run on, see what the ends going to be. In lieu of the Sensational Nightingales its the extraorinary Jackson  Southernaires. Did you hear the name of Marty Stewart's new band? The Fabulous Superlatives! Now, for some business on a higher ground!

Crying, waiting
It aint been the same since Buddy died. Crying, waiting. That says it about all. Look out Lubbock!

Crying in the Chapel
Elvis lives. He is in a chapel, praying his way back. Praying for his son and law's converstion. It's off the strip, this chapel. Keep on, E!

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