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Poem: Oh let us live in joy

Oh Let us live in Joy. When I first got to Las Vegas I wondered from casino to casino until there was no alarm. Now years later I could be anywhere. No matter where, ever pulling levers, Augustine come to heaven and hell. It was easy enough to keep drinking there, where tremendous illusion was rapping. We shared a table with L.A. grandma and her granddaughter to see the Tropicana floor show. Granma remembers the big lobster, the coldest coke, the dancing girls with the most perfect bodies. And we went from show to show and store to store until there was no alarm. Just thunderbird trinkets and cold chandeliers making the noise of coins in the fountain. Oh Let us live in Joy.

Dr Bop Mog: Wurlitzer Electric Piano List

Sunnyland had a red Wuritzer electric piano with which he was ready to part. Say for $500. Trouble was that's how much it cost to fix each key. He liked it cause it stayed in tune and was portable. But, wow, he made some fabulous music on that thing, quite different in style and attack, naturally, than that which he made with a regular piano. As far as I know, little of this was recorded. On Adephi Really Chicago's Blues LP he plays it on Rollin and Tumblin that is kind of a fragment. Using the power of mog I am going to create a Wurlitzer electric list. Starting at what I will call the end with Riders on the Storm of 70s, then moving to the classic soul 60s with Candi Staton and Aretha Franklin who used the instrument to great effect on "Im Just a Prisoner" and "I Never Loved a Man", receptively. Incredible existential workouts both. The full list ends where I'd say this thing starts: What I Say by Brother Ray.

Click to go to list: Then click on "Play all tracks" to play.

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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Link Wray:Take me home Jesus

Reading Andy Williams obit - did you know he sang in To Have and Have Not (Lauren Bacall lip synched) and Robert Kennedy's Funeral? - was taken back to the days when his estranged French show girl wife killed a skier boy friend named Spider. Andy stood by her, and the Rolling Stones did a song about it that was news to me. Watch them foreign entanglements. Love hurts!

Madison Blues
Peter Green was great but the band was still hot after he left, as two dynamite guitar players remained. I have a bunch of versions of this, but heck I think this-n with Christine Perfect on Wurlizter lectric pnl has the most rocking venom! Madison blues. and I had it there too.

Take me home Jesus
Just found this - another side of Link. He went up into the mountains, as many did then (in this case, Maryland mountains). And he showed some blues and Native roots, and took a sign from the Band, maybe by way of Elton John and Leon Russel, and really did something different and notable. Jesus, help me.

Everynight about this time
You may know this from Magic Sam - I dont know if this is the original, but it predates Sam's version. Everynight about this time (I go to sleep to keep from crying) by the Fat Man - Fats Domino! Get ready to get down.

Hawaiian Boogie
Should we get up for the out-tro? Yup! This is one they left of the Descendants soundtrack: Hawaiian Boogie by the ultimate slide man: Elmore James. The connection between Hawaiian music and blues slide is a muddy one. Some say that Hawaiian bands trooping vaudeville style through the American South transferred the knowledge to blues and gospel blues men. It was the Portugeese cowboys that brought the guitar to Hawaii it is said. That's all for today.If I go to Hawaii -wont be back.

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As Peter at the Busy Bee would say: MooooooooooooooooooooooSSSSSSSSSaaaaaaaaaaaaKaaaaaaaaaaaah!

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Take me out to the morass!

Like a feather caught in a vortex, Williams ran around the square of bases at the center of our beseeching screaming. He ran as he always ran out home runs—hurriedly, unsmiling, head down, as if our praise were a storm of rain to get out of. He didn't tip his cap. Though we thumped, wept, and chanted "We want Ted" for minutes after he hid in the dugout, he did not come back… Hub fans bid kid adieu - John Updike

Friday Sept 21 – Boston - The Friday bleachers were fairly empty at Wrigley but pretty full at Fenway where the cult of baseball onward rolls on, and who’s keeping score? Dear friend Jeff Hull and I were in that tide of zoomanity – a walking dream trance a foot - and much glad. We had a couple of beers, kept a scorecard for four innings, and discussed family, business, and baseball – cheering here and there. No boos.
No boos but some healthy sighing lamentations as the Red Sox dropped another one. Harvard Law Librarian and Organist Josh Cantor played Let’s Spend the Night Together, to which we sang along. Poignant was the singing of Sweet Caroline. Good time. Ever indelible: The Hood Blimp. [Says Jeff: "Momma, it's the blimp!"]

Tix came as courtesy of Jeff Jr. who smartly at the time was climbing Mt. Kenya.  What happened back in Boston? The Sox lost to the Baltimore Orioles 4-2. Next day the Globe didn’t bother to write up a recap story on the game. A larger picture looms: After a very good and historic run, many have sneaky feeling we are entering the old vortex of loss and Bucky Dent.
Friday night, things started out ok. Jon Lester had his lifetime 20-0 record against the Orioles on the line. The Sox gained a 1-0 lead in the 3rd when Pedro Ciriaco hit a blistering double to left to score Daniel Nava, who’d doubled before him.  In the next inning the Orioles got back the run and added another to lead 2-1. One such  run came on a single by catcher Matt Wieters, who ultimately drove in 3 runs in the game. Some of his hits were barely fair, said the ever optimistic Red Sox Manager Bobby Valentine. The Sox got another run in the 5th but that was it against able Birds’ starter Gnzalez ( and a series of late-inning relievers).  Lester was hit hard in the 6th, giving up 2 runs, to set up the eventual tally.

Yes, at least one of the shots hugged the line, but I was bitterly disappointed in the effort on one of those by first baseman Loney, recently obtained in the mega deal that sent Adrian GonzoLess, Josh ‘Waiting4’ Beckett and Carl ‘Has Anybody Seen Me Crawford’ to the Dodgers of Chavez Ravine.
Loney looked no more ready than a bleacher fan to field (Wieter’s?) hot pill. Like a feather caught in a vortex he lunged lightly leftwardly - only the Loney plunge was deficient. Lonely fits in with the spiral. He has the gumption to say 'there was a reason why i was traded' to a journalist, explaining the year he has had. With that kind of esteem of self going for ya, you will fit in on this death ship. Smile, it’s a morass for the masochist.

Boy vitriol is an elixir for the writer!

On a happy note Ciricao is my favorite and I enjoyed yelling “Vote for Pedro” has he repeatedly showed enthusiasm, brains and ability. He doubled in a run in the 3rd, later singling and scoring a run himself. On a sour mash note, management seems to jolt him from position to position.

I admire John Lester, and so did not openly criticize him for throwing three of four or more pitches that did hang up in the zone. The Orioles are on a tear, unlike us, and joyfully tore into the less than optimal Lester lob-ations that included a wild pitch that led to a run. P.S. It was fan appreciation night, which meant people sitting in our seats could get free cotton candy. However, we were not sitting in our seats.

Baltimore now trails the division-leading Yankees by 1 game, with little more than a week to go in the season.  This is a remarkable reemergence of a vaunted franchise. The team is led by Yankee castoff Buck Showalter, who is a bit of a magic man riding a magic bus at this magic moment. The team has a phenomenal 15-2 record in extra-inning games this year, which the law of averages says is not possible. Showalter changes pitchers and makes late-inning defensive moves deftly. And, what do you know, the players seem up. Magic is better than albatross guano.  To add to the irony, Orioles’ resurge is in part due to machinations of former RedSox GM Dan Duquette, who, like Showalter, was shunted sidewardly  out of the limelight town.

Why do I mention albatross guano? Well I am old sea farer and I smell it: There is a general feeling that there is some type of albatross in the clubhouse, and it could be Valentine who has an inexplicable approach to lineups, chatter, you name it. For the germ of the demise I blame moves a couple of years ago that saw letting Beltre go and getting  Gonzales (why? To keep up with the Yankees? So Youk could harrumph meekly at third? ) Couple that with the beer-and-chickencabinet of 2011.

But Valentine is a good candidate for Jonah. But, whose idea was it to bring him here? And, what were they thinking?  Why not Alvin Dark? Losing breeds losing. Too damn apt was Buchhoz after Thursday night’s loss: “Stuff happens.” Friday’s loss put Red Soxat .447 pct., leaving them 20 full games behind the New York Yankees.  As I write these words, Sat afternoon the game is tied in the bottom of the ninth, and Sept shadows creep across the infield. [Guess what happened!]

Thanks again to the two Hull Jeffs. And thanks Deborah who pinged me with the very idea. Shout out to Tony G. who after game (pretending humorously) together with his little boy accosted me on Brookline Ave. Good travels all from your old Moon Herald reporter.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Renaissance, NYTimes, and Bible meets Google Translate and Pinterest

Source: via Jack on Pinterest

12 angels flying i could hear them saying.

Saying Holy holy lord lord of hosts. 

Complete this day with your consideration.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Web savvy kitty

Dr Bop Mog Redux - Running in places! Crying too!

Dr Bop Mog Redux - Running in places! Crying too!

Solar Diamonds
The day the earth stood still. More time for me. To remake this film you got to go back in time.

Run on, see what the ends going to be
Run on, see what the ends going to be. In lieu of the Sensational Nightingales its the extraorinary Jackson  Southernaires. Did you hear the name of Marty Stewart's new band? The Fabulous Superlatives! Now, for some business on a higher ground!

Crying, waiting
It aint been the same since Buddy died. Crying, waiting. That says it about all. Look out Lubbock!

Crying in the Chapel
Elvis lives. He is in a chapel, praying his way back. Praying for his son and law's converstion. It's off the strip, this chapel. Keep on, E!

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