Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy Christmas 2009!

When I was a managing editor on a monthly in the 1980s I had folders for every month. I embellished this one for Christmas. It shows the advent month coming full speed from off stage and emblematic train going round the tree [or tries to show said]. That train is coming! Happy Christmas, happy world! - J.V.

Just a panthering train
cross the swells of the carpet
Through oriental valleys
and their piled paisley sockets
Through skyscraper wrappings
the apple spanked harlotty papers
and things
to returnto your feet.
- Christmas Locomotive, 1967

Note: Traveller visitors will notice a few broken links. We got rid of our dial up when we got rid of our landline, and Netcom closed down the original site. I thought the Web was forever. Have back up for those pics and stories, but good luck finding them, Jack.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Top music 2009

I think of music I heard this year..and its like film...bird and strings...desmond drops in..also the king of slow soul.. praying, I take it, at wedding..but who least it is church. Percy set to wait, like old Milwaukee poet Bob Watt, for the answer...buncho'stuff here..if you want to click..ten for me ..ones I listened as motorin over Chestnut Hill and past its Universalist church [scene of T.Roosevelt's first wedding] to my computer cell unit. Elliot. Fogerty. Auerbach. The musical notesters in my blue hebin. Skipped list in 08 but here's link to 2007 etc.

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