Friday, July 03, 2009

Quadroon on the Half Shell Drinking 7up

Hey, Jack, what are you doing? It’s almost Independence Day? Wildly digging a day off. Playing Iggy, Roy Head, Dylan’s new one (Jolene), the Shadows of Night, Little Brother Montgomery. Let see, taking a look at my blog to see what was good since last July..

Last July I just flew back from Cape Canaveral where I was in the Rocket Garden. Arms were tired. Took a picture of a family taking a picture in front of a Saturn rocket. On that trip I got to see JackKerouac’s Orlando home too. Thinking it’s time for a road trip now or soon. Might go to Prague in the fall for computer thing. Get to Kafka’s house. I’ve always wondered if he owned a fan or had an icebox. Apropos of expensing things: Saw a Patti Smith movie last night..she wangled a trip to Rome to Gregory Corso’s grave out of the thing. Gregory is buried at the foot of Shelly. Would like to go there before I join them.

You are so heavy! News is ever on my mind. Especially as it goes down the tubes. Here, Boston magazine has a reduced staff and replaced editor with one who is also editor of Philadelphia magazine! Actually that happened years ago..there really wasn’t money there to support a Boston magazine unless it could share costs with another. Back then, made for bland covers: Girl in swimsuit; Headline: Summer on ____[fill in blank with either “Cape” or “Jersey Shore”]. Fact is, on one level, we are just going back to a reasonable circulation for the magazine of this kind. Boston is down from 2005 high of 100,000 by 24%. But, yes, the sky is falling at the same time. I aggregated this year’s Moon Herald Traveller News posts in a handy a handy tag page.

What do we have for the sports fans? Found a couple of baseball ruminations. One about a dream I had of heaven and the old Yankee Stadium with monuments in centerfield - the other about a German-American industrialist who we would sit next to at Braves games in Milwaukee. Mr. Ladish was out of an old movie. Hot summer day yet he still came to game in a three-piece suit. French blue, but three piece. Also straw hat, and, dig this, spats. He sat there every game. He knew the players by name. And he could coerce Manager Fred Haney to have Johnnie Logan come my way. “Jackie is going to be a ballplayer,” Ladish would say.
These days I have a favorite baseball song. “Third-base, Dodger Stadium” by Ry Cooder. When I got to Chavez Ravinin 2005, I thought it too was heaven (although around the rim it was very desperate on Sunset), and I was later chagrined to learn the story behind the building of this ball field via this Ry song.
You kind of thrash about and just throw this stuff up right? That's right, voice in boldface. But there was some stuff I put more than a simple blog effort into over last 12 months. There was the Obama b-ball thing (plus research with Rich Mack, Jeff DeMark, Jim Haas and his pickup buddies – thanks all). The essay on Jack Kerouac’s CityCityCity falls in the category too. You can put that on my gravestone, the one at Gregory Corso's feet on the path Patti Smith trod.

Jack, you are putting us to sleep. I hear you. to get a life here. Go buy some dead cow. And lobsta.
I am thinking Bad Karma. You are talking to it. Did I tell you I started reading a bio on Joe McCarthy? Huh? You still there? Maybe I will just put some link lists up to finish this off. It shant consume my day off. No sir, buster. Make a hogie, flip over the Little Brother LP. Skip the prose linking stuff that Monster Google is said to love. Remember, the Moon is making a comeback. Have a nice summer! Audios!
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