Friday, December 05, 2008

Blue skies

I am ready to quick now get out of the Depression journalism business. It's funny, I was reading Galbraith's book Halloween and it was near fun - now my endowment is down as much [percentage wise] as Harvard's ... and it aint funny. Pop a top! Do you like the blues?

So one more depression post for now to make the triad. What we have here is a comment I put on Floyd Norris' blog - before the election. In those dark days when we - well me anyway - were -was- worrying about chads that would disrupt the Merican democratic swell back against Bush and forward to FDR II.

It's a look back at my youth where, if someone scraped some beans off the plate into the garbage dad would say 'you'll spend time in Purgatory for that.' Ahh, the days old good!

Here goes... October 31, 2008 1:57 pm Link It seems to me that recent events do bear similarity to aspects of the StockMarket Crash of 1929, if not yet to the Great Depression. Other folks have said this too.

I am a so-called Boomer, and the Depression was only real to me in so far as behaviors of my parents [eg., food in this house was consumed, and never thrown away].

Now, this election seems to me to be more about parties than candidates. My analysis would be that people that experienced the Depression [most of them now, second-hand] would, many of them, have a basic impression that Franklin Roosevelt, the New Deal, and Social Security are Democrat achievements.If they are concerned about the present economy, they will lean toward the Democrat, based on what FDR did.

Of course, their is a great number that do not know who FDR was. These are younger people, who may gravitate toward Obama the candidate. Who is Black. These people may or may not be more or less prejudiced than previous generations. They may feel more favorably toward the younger candidate Obama.

In either case, Obama sits in a favorable position. Yet, the vote must take place, people must really opt for significant change, and the chads must be counted ... — Jack Vaughan

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