Friday, February 01, 2008

UNMASKED! Giants Have Post Game Plans Too

[New Frontier, Ariz] - There has been a lot of talk of the Pats planning a parade before winning the Superbowl. But they are not alone.

An outtake from NFL films, covering closed-to-the-media practices, shows Giant players practicing the dousing of their Coach tom Coughlin with ‘Winner’s Gatorade.’

No word yet on Pat’s Coach Bill Bellichek’s demand to finger-print Giant QB Eli Manning. Bellichek claims a Manning sibling was substituted for Eli during several Giant’s games this year, although he was unable to provide videos backing his assertions. This due to the Spectre of Arlen.

Pressed for comment, former Pittsburgh Steeler Superbowler Frency Fuqua said: "I've had enough Buffalo Wings in my life already. The Superbowl party should begin. But the condiments need refreshment. I hope Tom Petty sings 'I Wont Back Down.' I won't anyway."

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