Thursday, May 17, 2007

Ground Turkey Blues

It's a ground turkey universe this a.m. We all go out to rack on the meat wheel. But there’s a guy who thinks he's doing pretty good. And the lord has given Jack the blessing to witness the swimming hairy green tweet goslings on the Hammond Pond. Good morning spring blues; how you do struggle on, nature, behind the white castle macy's and the bloody container store. Redwing in my face. And shaky wonder on rippled water. Ah. But. Cylinders bang and carbon on rubber tires on dusty adopted highway say get to work, chum.

I am a hustling old raccoon is what I am. I see me – my guts and feathers all balled like road kill turkey by the side. While old community center cat in summer whites jaunts along too. Keep eyes on road and hands on wheel. Listen to Mozart. Don't forget to breathe. Squint. But don't blink. Cause you'll miss it. -jv

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

@JV : I suppose you are joking !
Is it the story of 'The Grouse and Macallan's ...' I Heard on Radio Plouc Last night !
I personnaly prefer the Bushmill Whiskey, from County Antrim ,' Now Peace is there.
From Avaricum - Centre of My present Country.
*F R A J - Hill - dpt 18
FR 2 50 Bovin International Country Code.

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