Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sonny Rollins Radio Tansmission

More than a few players couch there work in a mystic veil. Sonny Rollins is more than open, however He does not mind calling out influences, even the off-beat and patently indecipherable ones. If as a lad in St.Thomas he saw a film where a Danish opera singer sang Amor [or something like that], and he was able to repurpose that general modus as St Thomas, he can talk about it. He is known for a certain type of improvisation in concert where he quotes from far and wide.. riffing like a mocking bird, but finding new things in all the music that is out there. To me this is a real essence of most creative processes. Rollins recently played Symphony Hall in Boston, and spoke on Christopher Lydon’s radio show. That conversation is available as a podcast MP3. Yippie-Aye-Oh-Kay-Yeah.

Was reading newish Kerouac book today, Book of Sketches. He writes:

Be like Bird, find y.self
little story tunes too
string yr complexities
along a well known line...

Sonny Rollins on OpenSource - Podcast MP3
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