Sunday, February 18, 2007

Quick Chronicle: The Malt Cup Adage

Things I remember that I'd pass on [if you were teacihng your son to drive you would to].

Met this girl once, she was a roomate of a girl I was troubledly [uneventfully] courting.

How are doing? we say

Well I am a little shook up. says she.


Just had a car accident. I could have died.

Really? How?

I was coming in on the Mass Pike, and the car flipped over. I can't believe I walked away from it.

How'd it happen?

I just know I was getting a sip from a malt from MacDonalds. I tipped it over and it spilled, and I tried to grab it, and the next thing I knew the car was going sideways.

Background: This recalls a long-ago Florida plane crash where the pilot and co-pilot fixated on a recalictrant indicator light while, all the time, they were losing altitude.

Which leads to chronicle adage. Keep your eyes on the road and your hands upon the wheel. And if you take them off the road if just to grab an Altoid, remember that you are courting trouble.

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