Thursday, October 19, 2006

Help me write this tome-song-poem Take 2


When I got to this town
> I found me a home
> Glad though I found
> the twilight zone

> Not a horrible one
> It cheered a late bloomer
> Was an offbeat episode
> With droll black humor

> In a halfway house
> Stuck halfway
> The sun in the morning
> It was a big red flame ....

I went to the land of trees
> where there are no leaves
trucks and misfits all around
> trouble enough to shake your knees

> The tie-dyed streets
> All looked inviting
> I wore some shades
> To adjust the lighting

> People seemed to half-smile
> Couldn't figure their MO
> When I started to talk
> They turned their heels to go

>The heater I had would
freeze up and die
the girls down that way
walked streets on the side

the Caffeine and nicotine
Were like money round there
they’d fall off their stools
and crawl in their beer

they'd pull the wings off hope
and prayed lord whiskey
i left that town
hello [new city]

I'd like to see if people can come up with a few more 'first-thought-is-best-thought' lines before any editing for continuity. Let's try a couple, three more rounds. You can cry uncle. But I wont let you go!

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